A real-world example of how the collaboration dance pays off

A real-world example of how the collaboration dance pays off

Posted on April 08, 2013 by Pam Truitt

Two weeks ago, I hosted a webinar with Indiana-based Foellinger Foundation and Aging & In-Home Services to explore the genesis, process and outcome of a recently announced merger between the Allen County Council on Aging and Aging and In-Home Services. The webinar is a monthly component of the Southeastern Council of Foundation’s EngAGEment Initiative.

(If you missed it, the hour-long YouTube video is now available, and I promise you will learn!)

Among the abundant insights from this real-world example, I keep coming back to something Connie Benton Wolf, President & CEO of Aging & In-Home Services said: “Keep everyone dancing….hand-holding…understand that this is not a linear process and be ready to remind everyone of that. Recognize there are multiple decision points and keep processes moving. The dynamic was constantly shifting."

She used this photo of Fred and Ginger in her presentation. Obviously the celebrated duo were high- stepping to a well-rehearsed and synchronized number. As talented as Fred and Ginger were, they did not step on the dance floor without a lot of practice, change, do-overs and do-agains.

In thinking about what makes some collaborations more successful than others, I wonder if the dance and being willing to change course until it feels right is one of those secrets of success that you don’t read about much.

What is your experience with collaboration dance?

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