2.7 million reasons why a whole-community approach to philanthropy works

2.7 million reasons why a whole-community approach to philanthropy works

Posted on March 07, 2013 by The Patterson Foundation

When The Giving Partner online resource was introduced to our community, I’m sure many wondered why we needed something like this. But in a community with thousands of nonprofits – it’s clear.

The Giving Partner is a comprehensive tool that is mapping our nonprofit sector, enabling donors to make more informed choices with their generosity and enabling nonprofits to market themselves. It’s a whole-community, whole-picture approach to philanthropy.

That’s the true gift to our community. The icing on the cake? It’s The Giving Partner 36-Hour Giving Challenge that ignited an explosive amount of giving in the Manatee and Sarasota region for the past two years.

The Giving Partner – A Community Collaboration

Even the way The Giving Partner came to our community is collaborative – with the support of several foundations in the Sarasota and Manatee region.

It doesn’t end there. For the second straight year, foundation partners have stepped up with incentives for giving during the 36-Hour Challenge.

This year, The Patterson Foundation provided $430,000 in matching funds for new or increased donations. This was a 2-to-1 match for donations by:

-       Community Foundation of Sarasota County

-       Gulf Coast Community Foundation

-       Manatee Community Foundation

-       Charlotte Community Foundation

-       William G. and Marie Selby Foundation

With the support of these foundation partners, a total $215,000 in prizes was available throughout the challenge.

Nonprofits Accessing New and Existing Donors

During the 36-Hour Challenge, in particular, The Giving Partner gives nonprofits the tools to reach a whole new set of potential donors. It's how they leverage this and follow-up all year long that will turn a first-time donor into a lifelong donor.

There's so much magic in the numbers:

In 2012, 109 organizations participated. This year? 285.

Last year, there were 10,705 donations during the Giving Challenge. This year, we surpassed that mark in less than 12 hours. We ended with 17,626 total donations.

In 2012, donors gave $1,919,362. After adding matching funds and special grants and prizes, we ended up at $2,420,362.

This year, the donations totaled $2,142,443. Add in the $645,000 in matching funds and prizes, and this community raised $2,787,443 to benefit the area’s nonprofit community and the constituents they serve.

To top it all off? Gifts were made from all 50 states and 42 countries!

Let's not forget a MAJOR piece of the success: media partners

Herald-Tribune Media Group

Clear Channel Media & Entertainment


business partners, partnering among organizations and the power of social media.

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