10,000 People Turn 65 Every Day – The AMP Philanthropic Network Supports Pathways to Longevity

10,000 People Turn 65 Every Day – The AMP Philanthropic Network Supports Pathways to Longevity

Posted on December 02, 2016 by Deborah Gauvreau, consultant with The Patterson Foundation

At the 2016 Grantmakers in Aging Conference, the National Council on Aging (NCOA) and The Patterson Foundation co-sponsored a gathering of the Aging Mastery Program® Philanthropic Network, a group of committed funders from around the nation that care about improving the health, well-being, and longevity of the nation and our communities.  Designed by NCOA, the Aging Mastery Program® (AMP) is a comprehensive approach to aging well focusing on key aspects of health, finance, relationships, personal growth, and community involvement. AMP uses a proven model of behavior change with a primary emphasis on getting people to take actions to improve their lives. Below are just a few snippets of how the AMP Philanthropic Network participating funders are strengthening and expanding AMP across the nation:

Tufts Health Plan Foundation: The first statewide project in collaboration with the Massachusetts Department on Aging growing AMP from one site to 50+ communities through the state.

May and Stanley Smith Charitable Trust: Expansion to Western states bringing AMP to Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon, Texas, and Utah. Special projects focus on employers, statewide expansion strategy in Arizona, and Title III-D marketing plan.

Wells Fargo Housing Foundation: Developed elective curriculum related to housing and home needs and now has a pilot curriculum in several localities nationwide. Their unique contribution is expanding the AMP curriculum product offerings.

Battle Creek Community Foundation:  Its goals are to seed and expand access to AMP in Michigan. Four Area Associations on Aging in southwest Michigan submitted a proposal to the Michigan Health Endowment to provide AMP to 800 participants and conduct pilots with health plans/systems; a decision is expected in December.

Margaret A. Cargill Philanthropies: Serving 37 organizations in 45 small towns and rural areas of Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Washington, focusing on issues in rural areas, supporting a new Intergenerational Connections elective, exploring program variations and electives.

Plough Foundation: Building capacity of senior centers citywide in Memphis, providing additional research with the University of Memphis and connecting with existing nutrition programs such as SNAP and farmers’ markets.

WellMed Charitable Foundation:  Six senior centers in Texas, expanding access to AMP in Texas, translating AMP curriculum into Spanish and offering AMP in a Spanish-speaking center. AMP is offered in wellness centers co-located with WellMed health clinics.

New York State Projects (New York State Health Foundation, NYSOFA, Burden Foundation, and NY Community Trust): 17 sites in NYC and Upstate New York, with a focus to expand access to AMP statewide, supporting AMP program evaluation and the development of an evidence-based designation for AMP.

The Cleveland Foundation:  A Cleveland citywide initiative with a focus on AMP elective-class pilots, AMP is offered in six centers with the potential to expand locations and is offering AMP at a Spanish-speaking center.

The Patterson Foundation (TPF): With programs in the Sarasota region, TPF is also an AMP Enterprise-level funder. Co-convener of the AMP Philanthropy Network with NCOA, TPF shares local knowledge regarding consumer pay and other sustainability strategies and is now additionally supporting one of the NCOA pilot Jewish-focused AMP sites (at Jewish Family & Children’s Services of the Suncoast, Inc.).


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