Debra M. Jacobs

President and CEO

Embarking on her role as President and CEO of The Patterson Foundation (TPF) in January 2009, Debra Jacobs brought with her a rich tapestry of experiences from various leadership positions across banking, education, and philanthropy. This transition represented a continuation of her journey towards enhancing community well-being through strategic philanthropic efforts.

At TPF, Jacobs has championed the cause of creative collaboration, steering the foundation to work with partners to accelerate positive change by sharing fresh perspectives, contributing innovative ideas, and providing critical resources.

Before her pivotal role at TPF, Jacobs served as President of the William G. and Marie Selby Foundation in Sarasota, overseeing its operations alongside the management of eight other independent foundations.

Her career path also included significant roles at Ringling College of Art and Design and SunTrust Bank, Gulf Coast, where she developed a foundation in institutional advancement and financial management. Throughout her career, Jacobs has been an advocate for community development, serving on numerous boards and earning recognition for her leadership skills and philanthropic vision.

Her journey reflects a commitment to leveraging her vast experiences to inspire change and make a lasting impact on the philanthropic landscape.

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