Sandy Beckley

Consultant, Patriot Plaza

Sandy Beckley began working with The Patterson Foundation in January 2010 as the Military Consultant. Tasked with developing a team to design a major enhancement to Sarasota National Cemetery and develop a partnership with the National Cemetery Administration (NCA), in June 2014, Patriot Plaza was designed, constructed, and donated to the NCA.

Sandy currently serves as the Patriot Plaza Team Advisor and coordinator of special projects. From 2014–2020, Sandy continued her contributions as the lead Patriot Plaza consultant and national liaison. She was responsible for managing connections with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and communities near national cemeteries interested in pursuing projects similar to Patriot Plaza. She also works with the Arts and Cultural Alliance of Sarasota County to coordinate Patriot Plaza Guides.

Sandy founded B Team Consulting, LLC, upon her retirement from the National Cemetery Administration, Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) in December 2009. B Team Consulting is committed to providing "A" results and a continued commitment to honoring our nation's veterans. Sandy completed her 39 years with the VA as the Director of Sarasota National Cemetery and is responsible for opening Sarasota and Georgia National Cemeteries. At both of these new national shrines, she worked directly with contractors and VA engineers to ensure that all milestones were reached and cemeteries opened on time.

Sandy began her career with the VA in 1971 as a personnel specialist in Danville, Illinois, before transferring to Danville (IL) National Cemetery as a technical assistant. In 1984, she became director of Florence National Cemetery in South Carolina. From May 1988 until her retirement, she was director of Barrancas (FL), Mobile (AL), Marietta (GA), Georgia, and Sarasota (FL) National Cemeteries. As director, she was responsible for all burial and maintenance operations.

Sandy and her husband of 50+ years reside in Pace, Florida.

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