Michael Corley

Michael Corley is a strategy consultant specializing in strategic planning and meeting facilitation. With clients across the spectrum of private companies, governmental agencies, and nonprofit organizations, Michael believes that groups of people, properly engaged, can solve any strategic challenge.

Prior to founding The Corley Company, Michael held leadership roles, including president & COO, CFO, vice president of marketing, and board member for various healthcare and business services organizations.

Michael graduated from the University of Tennessee with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing, and he received his Master of Business Administration from the University of South Florida. He is married to Stacey, with whom he has two sons, and enjoys pursuing his bucket list items titled, "I could never do that."

Join Michael on Twitter: @michaelpcorley

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/michaelpcorley/ or thecorleycompany.com

To contact Michael: mcorley@thepattersonfoundation.org or michael@thecorleyco.com

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