Season of Sharing

December 2009 – Present

Season of Sharing

The Purpose

When members of a community work together to address the needs of their most vulnerable citizens, they spark change that endures well beyond the holiday season. Season of Sharing is a partnership between the Herald-Tribune Media Group and the Community Foundation of Sarasota County that each year inspires our caring community to donate to help families on the verge of homelessness. Season of Sharing helps individuals and families from Sarasota, Manatee, Charlotte, and DeSoto counties in Florida. Funds may be used for rent or mortgage, utility bills, childcare, transportation, food vouchers, or other crucial expenses.

Strengthening the Impact

To strengthen community generosity, The Patterson Foundation has been providing matching funds for several consecutive years to support Season of Sharing. The campaign has raised millions of dollars to help thousands of families on the verge of homelessness. Research shows that spending $1 to prevent a family from losing their place to live is a much better return than spending $8 to get a homeless family back into housing.


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Why does The Patterson Foundation support this initiative?

The Patterson Foundation strengthens the efforts of people, organizations, and communities by inspiring generosity during the Season of Sharing campaign. Preventing homelessness not only improves the lives of those in need, it is also an effective use of community resources.

The Patterson Foundation demonstrates that every citizen and organization must be part of a solution. With more than 2,000 donors each year, Season of Sharing is a model for the nation.

What is the impact of The Patterson Foundation’s support of Season of Sharing?

2018 – Nearly 3,000 people contributed to a $2 million total during Season of Sharing. The Patterson Foundation strengthened giving with additional $100,000 contributions for every $500,000 raised by the community.

2017 – For the third consecutive year, The Patterson Foundation gave $100,000 each time the community raised $500,000 — bringing its total contribution to Season of Sharing to $3.9 million since 2010. More than 2,900 individual donors gave over $2 million for families and individuals in need.

2016 – The Patterson Foundation once more provided $100,000 contributions for every $500,000 raised by the community. Season of Sharing donors gave over 2,900 individual gifts totaling more than $2 million.

2015 – The Patterson Foundation provided $100,000 for every $500,000 raised by the community — without a cap. Our region raised more than $2 million to support 2,800 families on the verge of homelessness.

2014 – The Patterson Foundation provided the Season of Sharing initiative with $2,726,224 in matched funds, which attracted $6,646,219 from 16,664 total gifts.

November 2013 – The Patterson Foundation announces it will match up to $500,000 in new or increased donations made to Season of Sharing.

February 2012 – The 2011–2012 Season of Sharing campaign reaches a new milestone of $1.6 million, supported by a $500,000 match by The Patterson Foundation.

July 2012 – The Patterson Foundation announces a $250,000 match for donations made to the Diane McFarlin Season of Sharing Endowment Fund, which ensures emergency funds for families on the verge of homelessness will always be available.

November 2011 – The Patterson Foundation issues a $500,000 matching challenge for all new or increased donations made to Season of Sharing.

2010 – The Patterson Foundation issues a $500,000 match for all new or increased donations made to Season of Sharing.

2009 – The Patterson Foundation contributes a $250,000 catalytic contribution and a $250,000 matching challenge to Season of Sharing.

How can I make a donation to Season of Sharing?

Who can I contact about the Season of Sharing initiative?

For more information, contact Stacey Gadeken in initiative support:

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