Bringing Science Home

January 2010–Present

Bringing Science Home

The Purpose

While scientific research and advances in clinical technology have the potential to improve lives, Bringing Science Home helps people living with chronic conditions — like diabetes — live happier and healthier lives by connecting them and their support networks with relevant solutions and applications of the latest advancements in health.

Strengthening the Impact

Working with USF Health, The Patterson Foundation strengthens the national efforts of Bringing Science Home by providing resources and expertise that expand the impact of the initiative and its programs, including Students with Diabetes, the Students with Diabetes Internship Program, and the Students with Diabetes National Conference. Projects such as Diabetes Partners and Diabetes Parents are making a difference by providing education and resources for those connected to people living with diabetes.

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Why does The Patterson Foundation support this initiative?

More than 133 million Americans have at least one chronic condition. By providing resources and expertise to Bringing Science Home, The Patterson Foundation is strengthening the efforts of people, organizations, and communities as they use innovative, research-backed tools to live healthier lives.

How does Bringing Science Home honor the Patterson legacy?

Dorothy Patterson's husband Jim had diabetes for many years. To honor his legacy, The Patterson Foundation embarked on a $5.6 million collaborative partnership with USF Health called Bringing Science Home.

Will The Patterson Foundation offer grants or other funding for diabetes projects?

The Patterson Foundation selected USF Health as its strategic partner for Bringing Science Home. No additional partners or proposals will be accepted or pursued. Findings, conclusions, and recommendations are shared widely to inform the work that others are doing.

What is the impact of Bringing Science Home?

Through The Patterson Foundation’s $5.6 million investment, Bringing Science Home led the creation of several projects and programs, including:
  • Diabetes Partners – An education series for those connected to people living with diabetes
  • Diabetes Parents – An education series and resources for parents of children living with diabetes
  • Students with Diabetes – A peer and professional network for young adults living with diabetes in more than 100 communities
  • Students with Diabetes Internship Program – A competitive program designed to develop and train graduate and undergraduate students living with Type 1 diabetes to become leaders in the diabetes community
  • Students with Diabetes Conference – A national conference that introduces young adults living with Type 1 diabetes to cutting edge research, treatment options, and other information
  • Florida Diabetes Prevention Program – With funding from the Florida Department of Health, the Florida Diabetes Prevention Program brings research into communities to make a difference in the lives of people with prediabetes
  • Continuing Education for Health Professionals – Through additional funding from the Florida Department of Health, the continuing education program provides credits for health professionals who move through the program

Who can I contact about the Bringing Science Home initiative?

For more information, contact Executive Director Nicole Johnson, DrPH:
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