Harwood Institute Virtual Public Innovator Lab graduates

The “Sarasota 10” Complete Virtual Lab – Sharing Lessons Learned

Posted on October 19, 2017 by Deborah Gauvreau, consultant with The Patterson Foundation

Ten individuals from Sarasota are joining hundreds in our region using practices to create more impact in our community and strengthen the way our community works. As part of The Patterson Foundation’s (TPF) Aspirations to Actions (A2A) initiative, TPFers, Sarasota County Libraries, and Sarasota Against ViolencE, the “Sarasota 10,” completed The Harwood Institute’s Virtual Lab.

Each attendee of the 8-week Public Innovators Lab is prepared to apply the practices of Turning Outward. Turning Outward means really seeing and hearing those in the community, acting with intentionality to create change, and orienting outward -- toward others instead of ourselves. Starting with changing our own perspective, we can together identify and realize our own and community aspirations. Here are just a few comments about what Lab participants are learning:

Laura Hampton – Selby Library (Sarasota)
"The Turning Outward Approach mirrors values that are already central to librarianship--community knowledge and responsive and intuitive service."

Stacey Ogea - Frances T. Bourne Jacaranda Library (Venice)
“I believe that change and transformation starts with each person. My hope is that as more of us learn and implement the Turning Outward philosophy, the practice will become more and more used.”

Beatriz Paniego-Béjar
“Working with the community, I am listening to them, fully dedicated to going beyond being an ‘Outreach Team’ and becoming the ‘Engagement Team.’

Jamie Naylor - Frances T. Bourne Jacaranda Library (Venice)
“I believe that the Turning Outward practice will be an expansion to how I already approach serving the teens in my community. It will allow me to dig deeper into learning and helping them achieve their aspirations.”

Carolyn Mason – Sarasota Against ViolencE (SAVE)
“As Turning Outward relates to patience, I am learning more about patience, its importance. In turn, I learn more about myself as well as the people I am trying to reach. We find we have a lot of professional knowledge but no public knowledge. We have to now Turn Outward and have the aspirations-oriented community conversations to get to the next level.”

Vicki Vega -
“Ultimately, as part of a team, I aspire to impact the entire community. Initially, I will continue with informal one-on-one conversations to identify aspirations and expand to community conversations seeking small, but important, "wins."

Deborah Gauvreau – TPF, A2A Lead Consultant 
"Change starts within me. As I further shift my mindset to others and become more intentional each day – I can better support people, organizations, and communities achieving not only their own aspirations but the community’s aspirations."

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