What are people saying about the Collaboratory at Ringling College?

What are people saying about the Collaboratory at Ringling College?

Posted on June 02, 2015 by Cynthia Gravino

The past academic year was a landmark year for the Collaboratory at the Ringling College of Art & Design (RCAD). We continued to grow and expand our project offerings for students, and pursue an even higher vision through the generous support and partnership of The Patterson Foundation. Our purpose is to offer comprehensive experiential learning, while providing our faculty and alumni with innovative and increasingly challenging ways of engaging students and clients through design charrettes.

Our students express their excitement with their professional gains through these valuable and transferable work experiences. Our clients are consistently surprised by the fresh, imaginative work the students produce. Our faculty finds increasing opportunity to collaborate and expand their offerings to students through this work.

We think the feedback we receive speaks best about the value of the Collaboratory to the RCAD curriculum.

“With the best visual arts college in the country located in our backyard, we were excited to team with Ringling’s faculty and students on short films to connect with consumers online and to further raise awareness of WoundSeal. We wanted to share our valuable message in an entertaining way to broaden our exposure in the market, while educating the community at the same time.” – Andrew McFall, BioLife’s Vice President.

“We were absolutely thrilled with the creativity and quality of the design concepts we received.  Investing in this charrette was one of the wisest business decisions we’ve made for our new restaurant and bar on St. Thomas.” – Jill Ramsey, Sanctuary Holdings, LLC.

“I am so proud of all the students and loved my Tuesdays with Ringling! Your logo will live on long after you graduate…Things evolve over time, but the basic structure of Blue + You will always be the backbone of the ideas ahead.”  - Officer Linda DeNiro, Sarasota Police Department

“Blue + You with the Sarasota Police Department was an incredible opportunity to use design for a meaningful purpose. We were given the chance to add human value to design and enhance social relationships with it.  “ – Nazanin Varasteh, Class of 2014, Business of Art & Design, Ringling College of Art + Design

“With this project, it has been an incredible experience to use my design and problem-solving skills in a new context:  rather than just making things, we were making things happen. It was fascinating to see the design process be applied to a community, rather than a typical class project. I loved researching and digging deep into the problem, discovering citizen’s perceptions, and examining all of the intricacies of a police force and the people they serve. I will never see the police the same way again! I look forward to participating in more social design projects, and I hope to continue working with and developing Blue + You”  - Gabriella Thompson, Class of 2014, Business of Art & Design, Ringling College of Art + Design

“Having lived in Sarasota for most of my life, this project enabled me to see a completely new side to my community. Working with the SPD has exposed me to real social problems. Working with fellow Ringling classmates has opened up these problems for conversation and possible solutions. This experience has been priceless and I know that it will continue throughout the years. Having set the groundwork this semester, I look forward to returning home and seeing the efforts continued for the community/SPD relationship.”  - Anna Jones, Class of 2014, Graphic Design, Ringling College of Art + Design

“This has been quite an interesting journey for me.  The most valuable lesson I have learned in this project is that design has the ability to go so much further than mere visuals. This exciting experience was much more than rebranding; it was changing the way a community perceives something for a greater good, to create a positive relationship between the police and community. As a slightly inexperienced sophomore, I learned the importance of process work and that it’s not just about identifying the problem but really understanding the intricacy of it. After doing so, only then can you tackle and resolve the issue at hand. Overall I feel the project was a great success, both to the community and police but feel it also satisfies the classroom’s core objectives.” – Tebello Mosenene, Advertising Design, Class of 2016, Ringling College of Art + Design

“It was very impressive and touching to witness students from the two best interior design programs in USA and Korea seriously studying the needs and wants of the world’s best bakery store and proposing excellent design solutions. I highly praise all the efforts and hard work shown by the students, Professor Jeongeun Lee and Professor Seongwoo Nam. Thank you again for your great service.” - Mr. Ducksu Kim, CPO, SPC Group

“With passion, hard work, and patience our students moved a few steps closer toward becoming global interior designers through the class and project. The SPC Design Team’s positive critiques and comments helped our students to accomplish very successful outcomes. I am grateful to Ringling College, the SPC Design Team and Professor Seongwoo Nam, and so proud of the talent and dedication of our students at Yonsei University and Ringling College.”  Professor Jeongeun Lee, Department of Interior Architecture, Yonsei University

“I had many opportunities to assess the students’ intellectual abilities throughout the entire design process.  In every class students from both institutions, located on other sides of world, had to listen and understand each topic clearly.  They always had analytical and intelligent thoughts, and presented them precisely and clearly to their partners, teachers, and clients.  It was my great pleasure to observe and guide the students’ journey to succeed academically with my partner, Professor Jeongeun Lee. SPC’s great dedication to education made this wonderful collaboration possible.  Everybody is winner!” - Professor Seongwoo Nam, Interior Design Department, Ringling College

“The Paris Baguette Café project has definitely been my best collaborative experience, challenging me to work across time zones, deal with language and cultural barriers, and find the best uses for my diverse skill set. Not only do I feel more confident in my future collaborative endeavors, I am confident that I could work abroad – and would like to – as well.”  - Eleana Haas, Student, Class of 2015, Interior Design, Ringling College of Art + Design

As we prepare for the coming year, we are looking to create more university connections nationally and globally and will engage students in collaborative work across cultures and disciplines.

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