Shift Happens! Remaining Flexible and Nimble Maximizes Impact.

Shift Happens! Remaining Flexible and Nimble Maximizes Impact.

Posted on October 10, 2012 by Roxanne Joffe, MagnifyGood

I am currently attending the NetHope 2012 Summit where ideas and trends in technology are abundant. Edward G. Happ, chairman of the NetHope board and the global chief information officer for Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, suggested that there are three explosions taking place: explosion of data, explosion of users and the explosion of applications while the dominant technology  is mobile.

These explosive trends, he says, are forcing NGO’s to run faster than ever so that they don’t get left behind. As I think about how we work at The Patterson Foundation, I related to this idea.

At TPF, we talk about 21st century philosophies. How do we apply these tenets in a rapidly changing world? Happ says that when there is great change and movement, there is also great opportunity. This resonates with our entrepreneurial spirit and forces us to stay nimble and flexible. We base our work on filling the gaps with communications and technology. Change and variation of direction is an opportunity to realize impact.

In other words, shift happens!

When one looks back at major paradigm shifts and pivotal events that changed our culture, we can see examples of Happ’s philosophy around the need for adaptability.

Pay attention to what is happening as things change - watch, listen, and learn.

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