EdExploreSRQ: Embedding and Spreading Efforts Continue

Posted on June 13, 2018 by Wendy Katz

Our on-going efforts with EdExploreSRQ have allowed us to underscore The Patterson Foundation’s core values in authentic ways.

Focusing on impact while leveraging resources

Expanding our marketing efforts through social media, including Facebook, Twitter, and a new Instagram account, and collaborations with our current EdExploreSRQ marketing consultant, Jake Hartvigsen, and school district personnel has had a positive impact on the use of EdExploreSRQ. EdExploreSRQ ads have made their debut appearing in more than a half-dozen different school newsletters. Press releases and media relations efforts have resulted in numerous feature articles on Explorations and EdExploreSRQ, including ones that appeared in the Sarasota Herald-Tribune, Observer, SRQ Magazine, ABC7, and Sarasota Patch. Photos and videos were taken at several different Explorations such as Mote Marine Aquaculture, Selby Gardens, Carefree Learner, Alta Vista Elementary, Oscar Scherer State Park, Tatum Ridge Elementary, and Sarasota Memorial Hospital. We have gained our own access to Peach Jar so that we can have better access to all teachers and administrators in Sarasota County. Angela Hartvigsen continues to produce monthly blogs, vlogs and/or newsletters. EdExploreSRQ booths were at Inspire Sarasota, the Age-Friendly Festival, the Sarasota Reading Council Mini-Conference, and two middle and high school showcases. EdExploreSRQ “ED” made a stunning reappearance at community events, too. Maintenance and development of EdExploreSRQ marketing materials is on-going, including the addition of new connective tissue notepads and customized EdExploreSRQ pop-up note dispensers.

Striving to learn as we collaborate and share successes and challenges

EdExploreSRQ’s signature marketing effort, ED-stravaganza, is scheduled for its third annual event on Saturday, August 25th 10:00-2:00 p.m. at Suncoast Technical College, featuring a hands-on opportunity for teachers and administrators in Sarasota County and surrounding counties to meet providers and teaching artists, learn about various Explorations related to their content area(s), review sample teaching materials, witness sample performances, and most of all, to network with other educators.

Working with others to strengthen their impact

As the Patriot Plaza Explorations gained traction this year, EdExplore traveled to Booker Middle School to catch the excitement and curricular connections by making a promotional video that captures a teacher’s motivation for planning this Exploration. We were able to observe students preparing for the Exploration, listen to students’ testimonies, and witness the post Exploration session with students to reinforce their understanding of the bigger ideas that will hopefully be lasting ones: Honor Service, Inspire Patriotism, Embrace Freedom.

Embracing new ideas that address a constantly changing world

Susan Nations, Principal of Wilkinson Elementary School, has envisioned taking advantage of her neighborhood resources such as the Falhaber Lab, Suncoast Technical High School, and Florida House to create STEAM Street (Where Thinkers Tinker) with stations, including weather, butterfly gardens, a giant loom, a giant abacus, and bridgebuilding to name a few. Her goal is to submit the STEAM Street as an Exploration whereby students from all over the district will experience hands-on learning, and her students will serve as docents similar to the way Riverview High School students take the lead for their current three Explorations.

As we begin to think about and prepare for EdExploreSRQ ‘s next chapters, we will keep our focus on experiential learning that we know positively impacts student learning not just for school, but for life!

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  • Laurey Stryker

    Laurey Stryker

    18 June 2018 at 21:35 | #

    Well done video that shows the power of experiential learning. Thought comment by student that good to be out of classroom rather than looking at computer for information said alot about how we need to balance learning strategies. The video speaks to teachers and how they can effectively use EdExplore -- examples help.


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