Age-Friendly Sarasota Makes Good Sense for a Good Life … and for Good Business

Age-Friendly Sarasota Makes Good Sense for a Good Life … and for Good Business

Posted on April 19, 2017 by Vicki Vega
Editor's Note: Vicki Vega is an initiative consultant for Age-Friendly Sarasota. A thought leader in human development and a leading-edge baby boomer. She is blazing new trails with her cohorts, learning new skills and exploring new horizons.

Here’s a no-brainer: You would probably agree that it makes good sense to be a community where the health and well-being of people of all ages is a genuine priority.


A place as welcoming to an eight-year-old, an 80-year-old, and everyone else in between.

A place that’s safe, clean, and friendly with all the amenities you want and need.

A place where the good life is also good for business because, most assuredly, we do need locally-produced products and services.

That’s what the Age-Friendly Movement is all about. It’s about being a community where we can all thrive.

So, how do we get there? What should you expect as a visitor or resident, and what should you commit to delivering as a public or private entity?

Here are a few thoughts:
Good Design
• Clearly-marked stairs, wide and uncluttered aisles, products within reach, publicly accessible bathrooms, a place to sit and rest

• Adequate lighting throughout
• Appropriate decibel level of music and noise

• Appropriate range of products, services, and business features which are easy-to-navigate and read, such as websites and printed material
• Information translated into different languages

• Staff trained to be respectful, patient, and helpful to all, particularly those of us with disabilities.

Following Age-Friendly suggestions like these will benefit our region. Combine these with our personal brand of kindness, respect, and patience in dealing with others, and we can enhance our already great community. With good sense, we can assure that we experience and provide a good life that goes hand-in-hand with good business.

Read about Age-Friendly Sarasota, an initiative of The Patterson Foundation, then share your ideas about how to create a community for all ages. Contact us at or @AgeFriendly SRQ.

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