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The Purpose

Every day, nonprofit organizations are faced with important questions that hold long-term implications for their operations, staffing, service delivery, financial management, and other crucial facets of their work and impact. Often, the strongest answers to these questions align with an organization’s mission and essential economic considerations. By learning to view all aspects of their organizations through this lens, nonprofits can thrive through their challenges and chart a course toward greater impact in the communities they serve.

Strengthening the Impact

Advancing Mission Thrivability is an opportunity presented by The Patterson Foundation for regional nonprofits to learn a mission-centric, economically informed approach to decision-making for their programs, products, and services. Participating organizations are introduced to this decision-making approach over a series of online learning opportunities led by No Margin, No Mission, a national consulting firm and social enterprise. Following the online sessions, organizations with demonstrated interest, opportunity, and preparedness to dive deeper into the work have the chance to receive 1:1 consulting support from No Margin, No Mission.


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What is Advancing Mission Thrivability?

Advancing Mission Thrivability is an opportunity for regional nonprofits to learn a mission-centric, economically informed approach to decision-making for their programs, products, and services. This opportunity is presented through a series of uniquely designed online sessions called “labinars” and “webversations” that serve as a vehicle for CEOs, board members, and staffers to connect and explore ways to strengthen their organizations to optimize impact. And for a selection of participating nonprofits who apply through the submission of an advancement packet, The Patterson Foundation provides a 4-week consulting “sprint” to dive deeper into how to use the learnings and discoveries around their decision-making practices.

Why does The Patterson Foundation support this opportunity?

The Patterson Foundation strengthens opportunities to help organizations embrace a thrivable operating model by connecting them with expertise and resources to learn strategic decision-making while adopting and implementing entrepreneurial principles to generate the revenue necessary to support and expand their operations. Optimizing thrivability and mission impact is the focus of a new opportunity for our four-county region: Advancing Mission Thrivability.

Why is this opportunity called Advancing Mission Thrivability?

As nonprofits continue to navigate the COVID-19 storm, it is more important than ever that their mission be their guide. Organizations have a unique opportunity to emerge from these challenges better equipped to make an impact by looking critically at each aspect of their operations to ensure that every action they take aligns with their mission. When such alignment is present, that mission will thrive. The Patterson Foundation is providing the opportunity for regional nonprofits to discover new or reinforce existing methods of decision-making that ensure mission alignment through two fast-paced and immersive “labinars” with one uniquely interactive “webversation” in between — all designed to help advance participating organizations’ and their missions’ ability to thrive.

Is there a fee to participate?

As a gift to our region’s nonprofits, The Patterson Foundation covers all expenses associated with the online sessions and consultation participating organizations receive through their participation in Advancing Mission Thrivability.

What is thrivability and why is it important?

Thrivability is the degree to which a person, place, thing, or idea can thrive. Since the onset of COVID-19, decision-making — especially within nonprofits — has been disrupted and has become based on survival alone. The Patterson Foundation is committed to strengthening people, organizations, and communities. Through that lens, it became vital to The Patterson Foundation’s efforts to offer organizations and staffers an opportunity to address and analyze their current situations — including programs, products, and services, along with staffing/volunteering — through a new lens of mission-centric, economically informed decision-making practices. It is more critical than ever before to ensure organizational decisions are mission-aligned. Doing so will help nonprofits and those they serve thrive into the future.

What is a Labinar?

Advancing Mission Thrivability brings nonprofit leaders, board members, and staffers together virtually to learn, think about, explore, and discuss ways to optimize mission impact and strengthen their organizations. To capture the essence of these sessions — which uniquely combine the interactivity and engagement of a lab with the learning and knowledge of a webinar — the term labinar was born!

What is a Webversation?

In today’s world, engaging with peers and colleagues virtually has become a frequent occurrence, oftentimes with information flowing in one direction and little opportunity for two-way interaction. To ensure that nonprofit leaders, board members, and staffers have the opportunity to learn, share, engage, and discuss as part of Advancing Mission Thrivability, The Patterson Foundation offers a webversation to combine the virtual learning platform of a webinar with the 1:1 shared dialogue of a conversation.

Who is No Margin, No Mission?

No Margin, No Mission is a national consulting practice that has partnered with The Patterson Foundation for more than seven years to help strengthen nonprofits on Florida’s Suncoast. No Margin, No Mission’s Managing Partners and Principals, Michael Oxman and Larry Clark, are thought-leaders and experts in nonprofit thrivability who have worked with organizations across the country to help boost their entrepreneurial capacity, revenue, and mission impact.

What does 1:1 consultation from No Margin, No Mission involve?

Following the Advancing Mission Thrivability Labinars and Webversation, up to 15 organizations with demonstrated interest, opportunity, and preparedness to dive deeper into the work have the chance to receive 1:1 consulting support from No Margin, No Mission. Consultants Larry Clark and Michael Oxman work virtually with each organization for four weeks to provide a framework for analysis, understanding, and decision-making related to optimizing each organization's opportunities for mission alignment and impact. This opportunity covers several topics, with a variety of activities and outcomes taking place along the way.

What organizations have been involved in Advancing Mission Thrivability?

In our region, 56 organizations have participated in Advancing Mission Thrivability’s online learning sessions. Of those, the following organizations have received extended 1:1 consulting:

How is Advancing Mission Thrivability different from Margin & Mission Ignition?

Advancing Mission Thrivability and Margin & Mission Ignition both center around thrivability for nonprofit organizations. The main distinction is in the approach. Advancing Mission Thrivability is a short-term (4-8 weeks) learning opportunity. Margin & Mission Ignition is a long-term (30 months) commitment. Advancing Mission Thrivability approaches thrivability through the lens of mission-centric, economically informed decision-making, while Margin & Mission Ignition focuses primarily on earned-income ventures as a way to diversify funding and increase mission impact in the community. Margin & Mission Ignition is primarily a consulting relationship with some larger functions built in over the 30-month period. Advancing Mission Thrivability is open to all qualifying organizations who would like to participate and includes a short-term 4-week consulting engagement for a small number organizations who submit an advancement packet and are selected based on their demonstrated interest, opportunity, and preparedness to dive deeper into the work.

Who can I contact about the Margin & Mission Ignition initiative?

For more information, contact initiative consultant Michael Corley:

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