Dave Bullock

Governing Board Member

In November 2011, Dave Bullock became Town Manager of the Town of Longboat Key, where he was responsible for managing all aspects of Town government operations. Among the interesting challenges and opportunities of being the Town Manager, his crowning achievement was to continue to position Longboat Key as a premiere community in a changing world.

Mr. Bullock is an experienced and creative management professional with more than 30 years managing and operating public agencies. His innate ability to quickly comprehend complex public policy issues and craft solutions has led to his long record of success and notable accomplishments. Mr. Bullock's specific areas of expertise include operations and project management, economic development, budgets and financial projections, contract management, media relations, policy implementation, organizational change, growth management, infrastructure planning and development, and performance management.

Prior to joining the Town of Longboat Key, Mr. Bullock was Sarasota County’s Deputy County Administrator (DCA) for 14 years, responsible for County government operations and effective delivery of County services. Prior to transitioning to the DCA position, he was Solid Waste Director for Sarasota County Government from 1994–1997. From 1987–1994 he was Vice President of GBB Inc. Waste Management Consultants in Falls Church, Virginia.

Mr. Bullock was a founding member of SCOPE (Sarasota County Openly Plans for Excellence) from 1998–2002. He received his Bachelor of Science in Education in 1972 from West Chester State University, where he also received the President’s Award for Outstanding Achievement. He was also a volunteer firefighter and paramedic from 1982–1987.

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