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A look at age-friendly employment

A look at age-friendly employment

Age-Friendly Sarasota

Kudos to the Sarasota Herald-Tribune's Barbara Peters-Smith who once again, in her article “Boomer Reverberation,” has tapped into a critically important issue for boomers (those age 50-69 today) and persons older as well. The issue of employment represents yet another implication of our ...

When talk is action

When talk is action

Aspirations to Actions

Let me state right from the start that I come from the ‘all talk and no action’ culture, so penning a piece that is 180 degrees opposite is going to be part devil’s advocate and part learning something new. The table is set. A recent conversation with Philip Brown, president of the United ...

A shift at Selby Gardens

A shift at Selby Gardens

Margin & Mission Ignition

I have a number of wise friends in my life. One of them, Rob Lane -- a CPA, but better known as a dedicated community activist, said something that was like a whack on the head: "Nonprofit is not a business model. It is a tax status."  Rob said this when I was asking him for assistance in ...